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Discover our wide range of used tires for all seasons!

Your tires are your car's only direct contact with the road and have a crucial impact on your car's performance. With us at Kungsåra Bildemontering, you will find an extensive range of used tires in different sizes and dimensions to suit most car models. We ensure that they meet all our requirements for a safe and secure drive, with many miles to go. We never compromise on quality or safety.

Kungsåra Bildemontering has a wide range of used summer tires and used winter tires.

Used tires for summer - summer tires with the right performance

Tires are consumables, and when it's time for new summer tires, we have a wide range of used summer tires! Choosing summer tires with good performance is essential for safe driving in all road conditions during the summer.half year. Make a smart and environmentally friendly deal and invest in used tires in Västerås with us at Kungsåra Bildemontering.

Used tires for Winter - Winter tires for safer driving on winter roads

With winter here, it's important that your car is equipped with high-quality winter tires for a safer ride on the road. Our carefully vetted used winter tires are a smart choice for better grip and safety. With our used winter tires, you can navigate through snow, ice and slippery road conditions with confidence, and all this without exceeding your budget.

Why choose used tires from Kungsåra Bildemontering?

Investing in used tires is a wise decision if you want to save money. At Kungsåra Bildemontering, we always work according to carefully planned and safe procedures so that you can feel safe with your purchase of used tires from us. When you choose used tires in Västerås from us at Kungsåra Bildemontering, you are not only making a financially smart choice, but also a green choice for our planet. We see the reuse of tires as a major part of the entire industry's environmental work - an environmental work that you have the opportunity to participate in.

Kungsåra car demo - Shop for used tires with us

Buying guide for used tires from Kungsåra Bildemontering in Västerås - things to consider

We strive to make it easy and convenient for you to buy used tires at Kungsåra Bildemontering. For your convenience, we have already carried out rigorous quality checks on all tires, so you don't have to worry about it. Our checks include assessments of, among other things:

  • - Approval of the pattern depth.
  • - Assessment of the wear of the tires.
  • - Age of the tires.
  • - Checking any studs.

Give us a call for assistance in finding the right used car tires for your car and your needs.

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