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By far the largest database of car parts in Sweden. Here you will find used, new and reconditioned parts and accessories for your vehicle.

Kungsårabildemo has the largest database of car parts & spare parts in Sweden.

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We recycle fully functional car parts that are kind to both your wallet and the environment. Search the database of over 130,000 used car parts and order them home with a few simple clicks.

By buying used spare parts from us, you not only save money, you contribute to a greener society. In addition - and this is not to be underestimated - you get a used car part that is of adequate quality, which we are careful to ensure. Below, we explain the benefits of reusing car parts in Västerås and what you should consider before you click on your used spare part.

The benefits of used car parts

  • 1. Cheaper: Used car and spare parts often offer significant savings without compromising on quality. This is especially true if you buy your used car parts from our generous range.
  • 2. Quality assured: We conduct rigorous inspections and tests on used spare parts to ensure that the components meet industry standards.
  • 3. Eco-friendly: By choosing used car parts from Kungsåra Bildemontering, you contribute to a greener society by reducing the demand for new manufacturing processes, which consume valuable resources and create additional waste.

Considerations when buying used car parts

  • 1. compatibility: Although used car parts offer many advantages, it is important to verify their compatibility with the specific car model. Small variations in design can affect performance and safety when using car parts Västerås.
  • 2. mileage and wear: Check the mileage and condition of the used parts to get an idea of the remaining lifespan and whether the part meets your needs. This information is available when you click on specific used parts in the parts database.
  • 3. Choose an environmentally certified bildemo: By choosing a climate-smart facility like Kungsåra Bildemontering, you participate in the circular economy and contribute to a greener society.

Spare parts Västerås - and the rest of Sweden

Looking for spare parts in Västerås or elsewhere in Sweden? Then you have come to the right place! Our facility in Kungsåra, just outside Västerås, offers transportation to the whole of Sweden, so even if you are located elsewhere you can order spare parts at home.

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We have an extensive stock of used car parts just waiting to bring new life to your car. With our user-friendly search function, you can easily find exactly what you need in a few clicks and get a clear overview of our current stock. We strive to encourage sustainable choices and have therefore made it easy to find used car parts in Västerås. Enter your license plate number and start exploring our wide range today.

  • Engines and engine parts:
    Whole engines or parts such as starter motors, generators and turbochargers.
  • Gearboxes and transmissions:
    Complete gearboxes or individual components such as coupling parts.
  • Interior parts:
    Seats, dashboards, center consoles and door panels.
  • Wheels and tires:
    Complete wheels, tires and rims.
  • Lights and lamps:
    Headlights, tail lights, turn signals and fog lights.
  • Electronics:
    Control units (ECU), sensors and other electronic components.
  • Suspension and chassis parts:
    Springs, shock absorbers, suspensions and brake components.
  • Exhaust gas system:
    Exhaust pipes, catalytic converters and silencers.
And much more! In the unlikely event that you can't find what you're looking for? Contact us - we will help you find the right used car part!
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