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Dismantle, check and purchase your car part with full control

Why should you buy a car part without a warranty? There are actually several good reasons for this. One of these reasons is that at Delplocken you inspect and dismantle the part you are looking for yourself. This gives you full control of the condition of the part, and since you pay a fixed price, you have the opportunity to assess whether the part is worth the price. You could say that you are responsible for the part you buy, and therefore no warranty is included.

Cost-effective and sustainable

In addition to the above, self-picking scrap cars means that you buy car parts without any middlemen affecting the price, while reusing something that is fully functional. It's a win-win for your wallet and the planet. Instead of buying new car parts at market prices, you buy used car parts that you have checked yourself - at a lower price and with a smaller carbon footprint.

Kungsårabildemo Self-picking - Delplocken part of Kungsåra bildmontering
Kungsårabildemo Self-picking - Delplocken part of Kungsåra bildmontering

Own the whole process of car dismantling self-picking

We know that the do-it-yourself feeling alone can be a reason to choose self-picking at a scrap yard over traditional auto parts stores. Because you bring your own tools and choose which car part you want to remove, you own the whole process, adding something extra to both the purchase and the project you need the part for.

See which cars are inside

Read more about how self-picking scrap cars works on the Delplock website. There you can also search for specific car models and see where to find other Delplocken sites:

Self-pick car scrap - a summary
- Always fixed prices
- Recycling for both your wallet & the planet
- Car dismantling self-pick gives you full control from dismantling to purchase