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This is Kungsåra Bildemontering

The car dismantling plant was founded in 1966 and has expanded over the years to an area of 75,000 m². Over 3000 vehicles are dismantled here every year, most of which are newer cars that we buy from insurance companies, but there are also older vehicles.

Kungsårabildemo - Sweden's best and most environmentally conscious car dismantling. Buy used car parts with warranty and scrap the car free of charge with us.
Kungsåra Bildemontering - we have a comprehensive Quality and Environmental Policy for environment and green sustainability.

For a greener car dismantling

Our ambition is to be one of Sweden's best car dismantlers. This requires that we work with high quality every day, from the first phone call to a shipped order. In addition, we constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact. We therefore evaluate our flows on an ongoing basis and invest in tools, materials and processes that will make us and the entire plant more efficient, climate-smart and, ultimately, a lot sharper.

Some of our green investments:

  • A material handler to recover as much as possible from dismantled vehicles
  • A 220kW photovoltaic plant that produces a large part of our electricity
  • Almost all lighting is energy-saving LED
  • Oil separators everywhere, including in the rainwater wells on the farm

In addition to these investments, we take great care to ensure that all parts are thoroughly checked and washed. The hope is that customers will be pleasantly surprised when they receive our parts.

We are ISO 9001 and 14 001 certified.

Kungsåra Bildemontering - green investments in car parts & spare parts. We are ISO 9001 and 14 001 certified.
Kungsårabildemo is a car dismantler that sells car parts and scraps your car with the environment in mind.

Quality and environmental policy

Continuously increase the proportion of parts and components reused and increase the amount of separated material from the vehicles we dismantle.
Always strive to meet the requirements and expectations of customers and other stakeholders.

Comply with applicable laws, regulations and agreements.
Continuously reduce the environmental impact of operations through employee engagement and the selection of environmentally sound equipment and working practices.

Prevent accidents and pollution.
Work to develop employees' skills.
Strive to use suppliers who actively work to reduce their environmental impact and choose eco-labelled products for their own operations.

Industry winners 2024

Each year, Industry Winners recognizes the most outstanding companies based on the previous year's financial statements.

An Industry Winner is a company that has outperformed its industry in both turnover and profit. The company must also show a positive result. The average is calculated annually and is based on all limited companies in the relevant industry. On average, only 14.8% of Swedish limited companies are awarded the 2024 prize.

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